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Diana Ciupei, Studentin der Tiermedizin

I am Diana, a student of veterinary medicine. In the summer of 2012 I came to TGZ Lahr for a two week internship, but I loved it so much here that I ended up staying 5 weeks and, moreover, in the summer of 2013 I came back for a full summer experience. At TGZ I found not only the best doctors to guide me, but also great persons who made me feel a part of their family. They showed me the great joy of finding the correct diagnosis, they shared their endless passion for medicine which made me love even more the path that I have chosen, they encouraged me to constantly overpass my limits. They always found time to answer my questions and I feel I have learned here more than in any other place. Sometimes at nights, when we worked tireless to save our patients, I could see their determination and their care, which reminded me that this is not just a job, this is something that defines you; you not only give your time, you give a part of yourself.